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About Redleaf Tours Japan

Akio Matsui


Your guide is Akio Matsui. Akio was born in Yokohama in 1974 and has called Sydney his home since 1995.  Akio has travelled extensively throughout the world and is proud of his flexible attitude towards situations which arise during or in the planning of tours.  He is respectful of everyone, no matter their background. He loves sport and keeping physically and mentally fit.  He is a keen soccer and tennis player.  He is also deeply interested in the visual arts and music and is constantly on the look out for interesting creative situations.
He is serious about his obligations and the commitments he makes to his customers.
Akio is careful to fully understand the needs and requests of his customers and works hard to complete a tour plan which is sensitive to these requirements. His first commitment is to safety, including the pace at which customers can travel and the distances they can walk.  He is always prepared to be flexible during the tour. Free time is important during a tour, and Akio is always contactable during free time to ensure customers get the most out of this time.
Akio’s foremost hope is that his customers “fall in love with Japan”.  He loves his home country, its cuisine and gastronomy.  Its delicious sake.  Its hot spring “onsen” culture.  He wants to show his customers Japan’s natural beauty and exciting urban culture.  Its traditions, and its dynamic, ever-changing contemporary life.  Akio hopes you will join him.



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