Dalai Lama


Date: November 2018. 7 days

Price: $3000

Price included:
Inns(Ryokan and Minshuku), Transport in Japan, 6x Dinners and Breakfasts, Entry Fees at all museums, Tour Escort Fee.

Price NOT included:
Airline ticket from overseas to Japan.

Tokyo, Shinchaya, Magome, Tsumago, Nagiso, Kiso Fukushima, Narai,




Join Akio’s Nakasendo tour for a guided journey in a small group along the old Nakasendo Highway. The Nakasendo is an ancient highway which joined Edo and Kyoto through the valleys and  mountains of central Japan.  It flourished in the 17th and 18th Centuries when local Feudal Lords travelled to and from Edo. 


Customers on this tour should be prepared to walk between 10  and 15 km per day along undulating forest paths.  We may be on our feet walking for up to 8 hours.  Customers should discuss with Akio their level of fitness as each person has a different view of what is easy or hard.


The Nakasendo passes through small villages and towns in the Kiso Valley.  We pass waterfalls, rice paddies, old farm houses, locals going about their daily business, and famous mountain scenery such as Mount Ena, Mount Ontake, and the Kiso Mountain Ranges.  Many of the inns we stay at have been operating for over 100 years and serve delicious local style Japanese meals.  The hot Japanese bath is always looked forward to after a day of walking.


On this tour we will carry a day pack and send our luggage ahead to the evening’s accommodation.  On occasion luggage will be sent overnight and so the day pack needs to be big enough to carry essentials for an overnight stay.

Tokyo - Nakasendo - Tokyo

Mid November available 

Redleaf Tours Japan by Akio
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