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2 spots available for Echigo Tsumari

Echigo Tsumari Triennale Festival - Daichino Geijutsusai
Echigo Tsumari Triennale Festival - Daichino Geijutsusai

Echigo Tsumari Triennale Festival - Daichino Geijutsusai.

I'm running a tour featuring this wonderful art festival from 25 Aug for 14 days tour.

Echigo Tsumari is 3 hours north from Tokyo. The villages surrounded by mountains and rice fields. We are going to drive around there to see wonderful arts and nature together. Staying Onsen Ryokans and one of the art house called The House of Light by the world famous artist James Turrell. This 3 nights 4 days tour is going to be amazing. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested to join us. Only 2 spots left. The cost will be AUD $4900p.p for Twin Room Share.

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Matsuri is the Festival in Japanese.

On 25 and 26 August, there is a big matsuri in Tokyo. Yosakoi and Awa Odori(Dance on the street). Over 100.000 people come and see this matsuri. It's like a Rio's Carnival.

On 31 August, Hassakusai in Mt.Haguro Dewasanzan. We are going to climb up 2446 steps and stay over night in this wonderful shrine with monks. I'm very excited going back there to see their huge trees and eat the best vegetarian food from this mountain.

Tour schedule : Aug/Sep

25-26 Aug: Tokyo (Matsuri)

27 Kamakura

28-30 Triennale art festival in Echigo Tsumari.(Onsen)

31-1 Sep: Hassakusai in Dewasanzan(Matsuri)

2 Matsumoto Castle

3-4 Nakasendo Trail walking tour

5 Takayama

6 Shirakawago/Kanazawa

7 Kanazawa

8 Kanazawa/Haneda or Osaka Airport

Dewasanzan, Hagurosan

Hagurosan Mountain is a gently sloping mountain with an elevation of 414 meters, and lies between the Haraigawa River to the west and the Tachiyazawagawa River to the east. Among the three Dewa mountains, the Shrines on Gassan and Yudono are far removed from civilization, and difficult to make pilgrimages to in winter due to the deep snows. Because of this, at the summit of Hagurosan Mountain, Dewa Shrine was built as a great village shrine for Gassan and Yudonosan Mountains. This shrine has a magnificent temple to the gods of the three mountains and serves as the main shrine of the area. From long ago, the main shrine flourished as a focal point for the "Haguro Shugendo" type of asceticism, and pilgrims still visit the area year-round.




Echigo Tsumari Triennale 2018

大地の芸術祭 Daichi-no Geijutsusai 29 Jul - 17 Sep 2018 It's an international art festival in the beautiful country Echigo-Tsumari. It opens once every 3years. Only 2 hours


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